Download Latest Showbox APK Lite Version

 ShowBox is a movie streaming application that has been taking people by storm. Showbox is an app that allows you to watch movies, tv shows, and videos for free on your smartphone, tablet or computer. ShowBox is a pioneer application that has the best entertaining content available.

showbox apk lite

As we all are aware of the fact that ShowBox is especially designed for Android devices thus downloading this application for Android gadgets is going to be quite easy and simple. The only thing which can disappointment you is its non availability on Google Play Store.

Interested users can download the application from any third party sites like Uptodown, mobango, apkpolice, apkraw, apkmirror, 9apps etc. These sites are safe and secure to download applications from. You just need a simple web browser and space in your mobile.

Even can try Terrarium TV for better streaming experience, you can also use Terrarium TV For Pc

Now without wasting anymore time let’s jump on the step by step instruction guide to download ShowBox on your Android smartphone.

Download ShowBox for Android

Step 1 – Enable Unknown sources from your mobiles settings. For that go to setting > security > unknown sources. This will allow you to enable your device to download applications from different websites as well.

Step 2 – Download Showbox apk lite version from your web browser.

Step 3 – Slide down the notification screen and tap on the downloaded file. A pop up screen will appear clearing the terms and conditions of the application, once you go through them press “Install”.

Step 4 – The applications shortcut icon would be displayed on the main screen. Tap on the icon and enjoy movie downloading experience on ShowBox.


ShowBox is an exciting application for all movie lovers. The app not only provides you a great content to watch it also allows you to download and stream movies, videos and tv shows for free on your Android smartphone. ShowBox is a must download application!

Top 10 Strategy Games for IPhone And IPad

Love strategy games? We have handpicked the top 10 strategy games for iPhone and iPad and created this list for you. Take a look!

1) Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2, for most part, has the same game mechanics as its predecessor. However, the graphics of the game have been improved quite noticeably. The game also features several updated transforming tanks. The player gets to be the head of the alien army defence and is equipped with various abilities and powers.

2) Autumn Dynasty Warlords

Autumn Dynasty is a real-time strategy game set up in the period of feudal China. This finger friendly game features two playing modes – skirmish and campaign. There is a huge terrain to explore. You get to develop the players and you also build an army.

3) Eufloria

Download The Game

Eufloria is a completely different style of strategy game you will find for iPhone or iPad. You need to manoeuvre the spores through the pathway strewn randomly with asteroids. The objective is to germinate the spores in order to produce trees. The game is pretty exciting and there are many levels to cross.

4) Kingdom Rush Frontiers

If you love the tower defence style games, you will surely enjoy this one too. The game has borrowed many elements from its predecessor but has also added some new and exciting features. There are more playable characters with the whole new set of special powers and abilities, more bosses, enemies, and towers.

5) Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies is a highly acclaimed game franchise. The game is about protecting your backyard from the intruding undeads. But, you need to use many strategies and tactical manoeuvres in order to succeed and progress in the game. The game is pretty colourful and exciting.

6) Rymdkapsel

Rymdkapsel has picked the best from the world of real-time strategy and Tetris to create a beautiful looking game. You need to take care of the city and its people while fending off the enemy airstrikes that seem to be unending. The game play is strikingly unique and pleasing.


XCOM might look like an expensive game but it is worth every penny, especially if you love the strategy games. You play a secret solider that is the part of an elite squad created to fight the alien invasion.

8) Civilization Revolution 2

In this game, you build a city and then you go on building an entire empire. As you progress you build an entire civilization. This instalment of the game includes some new arenas such and stories. In this game you build modern civilization with the resources you exploit from the planet.

9) First Strike

The objective of the game is to build your nation while maintaining its strong defences until you are ready to attack and conquer other nations. First Strike is rather a dark-themed game with some cool graphics.

10) Plague Inc

In this game your aim is not to save the humanity but destroy it by developing a disease that can cause worldwide endemic. You also need to sabotage the government’s efforts to develop the cures.

3 Apps To Watch TV Shows For Free


Movie downloaders are a blessing in disguise for the people who love to watch movies and can’t because of extreme usage of your internet connection. The basic feature that can make you go crazy about a video downloader is that it works totally free for you.

Well, Video downloaders enable you to download and watch movies anytime and anywhere without any charges. The internet that is used in these apps is only when you are downloading a particular video or movie. It uses very less amount of your internet allowance as it will download the movies as fast as possible.

There are many applications available in the digital market like PlayBox HD, PlayView, Cartoon HD, Videoder and SnapTube. They all work the same way or the other. Some of these applications are not available on Google play store or any other app store. Users can download them from their official website or links available on the net.

For a better experience while downloading these apps, today we will discuss the top 3 video streaming applications :-


  • SnapTube


SnapTube is an application that allows you to download various videos and movies for free. You can download and watch movies offline, convert Mp4 to Mp3 files and User interface is quite simple and easy to understand.


  • TubeMate

tube mate

TubeMate is a well known video downloader that will allow you to explore a very good collection of movies from the old times to these latest movies that too totally free. There are many more features like connecting to chromecast and watch movie on television screen, download songs in seconds as well as it supports n number of languages like english, hindi, spanish and much more.


  • CinemaBox HD


CinemaBox HD is yet another video downloader application which will allow you to download unlimited movies and videos for free. You can watch movies without internet connection. Its user interface in very interesting and comfortable on your fingers. CinemaBox that was called PlayBox HD is one of the best apps for streaming quality videos within minute on your handy small screen.


These video streaming application deliver you with television shows, games, videos and movies for your comfortable entertainment package. You can always try them, they all work almost the similar way. Do let us know your experience with these video downloading applications!